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Top-quality Deer Stands – Tree Stands – Deer Hunting Tree Stands made at CB’s Deer Stands offer a level of safety, durability, and reliability that can only be found in handcrafted made in the USA.

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There’s nothing like a good hunt, and nothing better than being able to see your prey as it saunters, waddles, or flies into view. You can get the best view from our deer stands. Being able to see from several feet off the ground helps you take better aim. It also helps prevent the types of movement and sound that can scare off your prey before you take a shot.

That’s why our deer stands are more or less tree stands rather than simple platforms in a tree. Our stands are solid platforms you can secure to any solid tree with a ladder to safely climb in and out, up and down from the tree stands. There’s no losing your grip or having your hunting boots slip on old makeshift wooden boards you use as foot ladders to an unstable tree stand.

Additionally, CB deer stands are lever mounted deer stands so that you can’t fall out of the tree (unless you’ve been drinking, and who’s going to do that?). This patented means of securing ladder stands and hunting stands to a tree is unlike any other. You may find similar hunting stands from other hunting equipment suppliers, but those ladder stands require a lot more to secure them to the tree to get the same amount of stability you get with our lever mounted deer stands.


How Lever Mounted Stands Stand Heads Above the Rest

Your typical deer stand is often constructed of wood or hard plastic seat, or a wire mesh style of hard metal on which no one likes to sit. At its most basic, this type of tree stand is similar to a stadium seat you take with you to watch football games, except without the comfortable padding on the backrest, seat, and elbow rests. Most hunters deal with this basic store-bought tree stand by adding a cushion to the seat just so they can sit for long hours and not get hip, back, and leg pain.

Of course, you can always construct your own. These are jerry-rigged together with some old wood boards, basic metal rods for support, and a chain to try to hold it to the tree. You might even secure it to a larger, thicker board that you nail to the tree itself, but there’s still no guarantee that your homemade tree stand will always hold your weight.

A lot of the deer stands in Augusta GA and the surrounding areas are ladder stands. They are much sturdier, albeit not much more comfortable than the other two stands previously mentioned. Hunters like these ladder-equipped deer stands in Augusta GA because it removes some of the dangers of hunting wild boars. However, you still have to find the space to assemble them and secure them to the ground so that wind, weather, and beasties can’t knock them over.

That’s where these patented lever mounted stands come in handy. They require no nails to hang, no awkward makeshift supports, and no thick wood boards to make them sturdy enough to support your weight. Instead, they use a lever ratcheting system to secure the stands to a good, solid tree.

Initially, you will have to find a thick tree on your property to hold the stand. Then you will have to lumberjack your way up the tree (or use a ladder, but most hunters don’t tromp through the woods with a ladder) and manage to hang on while you put this stand in place. It helps if you first secure the chain to one of the levers on the back of the stand before reaching around the tree to grab the other end of the chain and hooking it to the second lever.

Once the chain is securely fastened into the two levers, the levers work just like a ratcheting strap system. Crank both equally to get the tree stand to sit level and perpendicular to the tree. The fit should be very tight and firm, but not so tight that the chain digs into the tree’s bark and causes an overgrowth response to the chain. If you do that, then the tree eventually consumes and grows over your tree stand and only a chainsaw is going to release it.


Weight Restrictions for CB Deer Stands With the Lever System

These are top-notch in terms of security and safety. The chains and levers lock tight, and your tree stand stays where you put it until you release one or both of your levers. While the only reason you might ever need to release a lever is to escape a large, angry predator that can climb trees, you can rest assured that these systems and tree stands are not going to break under your weight.

Even so, it helps to know that most of these stands can hold up to 300 pounds before your weight becomes an issue. Extra weight is a strain on the chains, which could cut into the tree. Safety ratings exist to keep hunters safe. If you weigh more than 300 pounds, or whatever weight restriction we give a particular hunting stand, follow it. We want you to have a great time sitting in your stand and enjoying the hunt without worrying if you are going to drop multiple feet to the forest floor.


Deer Stands Options For Your Hunting Needs

We offer a variety of Deer Stands and Hunting Stands and accessories to help you have a safe, comfortable, and productive hunting experience.


Ready When You Are

If you’re ready to give our lever mounted stands a try, contact us today. We are here to answer any other questions you might have about lever mounted deer stands, or any of our other specialty CBD deer stands we sell. Tell us what you are looking for in a tree stand, and we will tell you what we think is the best stand for your particular needs.

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